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Inspires green changes by Marine Freyne

Inspires green changes by Marine Freyne

Inspires green changes

Many of us worry about the current situation of the world.  The earth is warming, ice is melting, the human population is booming, species are disappearing and yet…the magnitude of the task seems almost impossible. Over 40 years, the environmental movement has successfully educated the public. No more than a generation ago, most people had no idea what global warming was, and yet…we have failed to empower people to change and reconnect with nature.

Conservation has always been expressed in economic terms. Hundreds of species become extinct everyday and up to 90% of the largest fishes have disappeared from our oceans. I believe, nature needs to be emotionally meaningful to us for environmental change to succeed. We do not learn love and joy through definitions and numbers we feel them.

We are so disconnected from our natural world. We live in concrete houses and work in offices without windows where the only breezes we feel is artificial. We entertain ourselves with TV, shopping centres and roller coasters and we communicate through mobile phones and Facebook. How can we act to protect nature if we are not a part of it?

We know that we cannot continue to deforest without irreversible consequences or lose more animals and plants without eventually destroying the ecosystem. We know we cannot continue to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or add 19 million people to the world each year without eventually destroying the natural systems and resources on which human life depends and yet… our lifestyles and behaviours have not changed much. Have we overloaded people with so much anxiety and guilt that they do not know where to start or even if it is worth it?

We are at the edge of an environmental revolution whether we want it or not, one that will transform our economic and social systems at least as much as the agricultural and industrial revolutions. One that is not optional, but necessary and one that we did not choose.

This blog is about inspiring green change in peoples’ lives. It is not only a practical guide for sustainable living but a place to emotionally engage with nature.  Please share videos, photos and stories, contact me on