First ever long-term study shows that GM food is a poison to human health.

GM Corn

GM corn by Contemplative imaging

For two years, a group of French researchers have secretly monitored the health of 200 rats fed with Monsanto’s NK603 GM corn. The result is a disaster: there are six times more death in the group of rats fed GM food than in the control group.  


This underground experiment was conducted by a professor of Molecular Biology, Gilles-Eric Séralini and its team, at the university of Caen in France. Professor Séralini is an expert on the effects of agricultural GM technologies, pesticides and various pollutants on health.

The Swiss Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer and two giants of the food retail industry, Auchan and Carrefour financed the study. Since the mad cow disease, they want to protect themselves from any new food scandal.


Researchers were extremely cautious to keep this study secret by fears of sabotage from multinational agricultural companies. They have banned all phone conversations, encrypted emails and even launched a decoy study. The former French Minister of the Environment, Corinne Lepage said, Monsanto prohibits the use of its seeds for research purposes so it is very hard to do independent studies.


It is the first long-term experiment recording a lifetime intake of GM in rats. Professor Séralini said, “After less than a year of genetically modified maize menus, it was a slaughter among our rats, which I had not imagined the magnitude.” The research studied three groups of rats, one was fed with Monsanto’s NK 603 GM corn treated with monsanto’s roundup herbicide, the second ate untreated GM corn and the last one was only fed low doses of herbicides. All groups of rats were hit by a multitude of serious diseases on the 13th month of the experiment.

Seeds’ corporations are only bind to research the effects of their products for 3 months. This two years study shows that tumours only appear during the 4th month, which is about 40 years in human’s life. GM food has only been around for 20 years, which explain why we can’t yet notice its effects on human health.

Séralini study explained:


– Rats fed with GM corn trigger 2 or 3 times more tumours than rats fed only the herbicide.

– Rats fed with GM corn develop tumours faster (20 months earlier for males and 3 months for females)

– Products should be tested 2 years on rats before being marketed


If you think that you don’t eat GM food because it is labelled in your country, think again. In Australia, some products with GM ingredients are sold without labels because of in the labeling laws. Processed food such as, cooking oils and chocolates may contain highly refined, unlabelled GM ingredients. If farms animals were fed GM grains, then the milk, the meat and the eggs will contain trace of GM organisms. Most surprisingly, restaurants and bakeries don’t need to label their food if they cook with GM ingredients.

For a better labelling in Australia sign this online petition.


While we wait for a counter expertise, this study faces a lot of critics. Some experts argue that the sample of 200 rats is too small and others point out that the type of rats used, “Sprague-Dawley” develop tumours easily.

Go here for more critics


European governments are taking this study very seriously. The three ministers, Marisol Touraine (Health), Delphine Batho (Environment) and Stéphane Le Foll (Agriculture), said that the study of the séralini team deserves all our attention. “This study seems to confirm the insufficient toxicological studies required by Community legislation to authorize marketing of GM products ” said the three ministers in a joint declaration.


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